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Pink Bakery: Cupcakes & Lollies

Cupcakes & Lollies

Available in Mini or Jumbo Sizes

Flavor and frosting options

FLAVORS : Chocolate / Chocolate Ganache / Chocolate Cherry / Chocolate Raspberry / Chocolate Cream / Vanilla / Lemon / Raspberry / Cherry / Cream Cheese / Poppyseed

FROSTING : Peanut Butter / Raspberry / Chocolate / Vanilla Bean / Banana Fosters / Cherry / Lemon / Almond / Chocolate Ganache / Chocolate Cream Cheese


A combo of two favorites:
cupcakes and mini desserts!

Lollies or cake balls, are made by combining crumbled baked cake with frosting, rolling the mixture into balls and then covering the balls with a confectionery coating . These bite-size desserts have a crisp exterior with a mouth watering center. Almost any cake and frosting combination can be created into Pink Bakery’s Lollies.The fun is in coming up with your very own signature flavor!

Flavor and dipping options

FLAVORS : Chocolate Grand Marnier /Chocolate Frangelico / Chocolate / Peanut Butter / Chocolate Raspberry / Chocolate Cherry / Chocolate Crème de Menth / White Chocolate Raspberry / Cherry Almond / Lemon Poppy / Citrus White Chocolate / White Chocolate Pistachio

DIPPINGS : Chocolate Ganache / White Chocolate